Many generous members open their doors to hand out all sorts of treats.


We all love to be rewarded with a treat from time to time. It could be said that Halloween could have been invented by Dentists!
However, it is preventable to avoid damaging teeth and causing decay. It is a fact that if sugar is consumed frequently, for example; even a small piece a day, decay is sure to arise. Decay is a preventable disease and one that can be inhibited.

Warning all parents, this may not be what you want to hear to protect your children’s teeth! Eating and drinking treats full of sugar should be eaten in one sitting, not a piece or two a day. While your children may become overwhelmed with sugar hypoactivity it is beneficial to their teeth to consume a larger amount at one time.

Dentist recommend children at least drink water to remove excess sugar adhered to enamel to remove as much as possible until children are home to brush their teeth.


Some people revert to giving children fruit for Halloween which is better than sugar but also has its disadvantages. Fruits contain natural sugars and are acidic. Acid softens enamel it is important to not to brush for 20minutes after consuming acidic foods to avoid brushing away softened or demineralized enamel.

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