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We are not fooling ourselves, of course there are better things than having a new crown or onlays inserted. But we can do something to make it as quick and pleasant as possible.
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CEREC same day crowns

CEREC is a revolutionary computer-aided system that lets us design, make and fit a brand new crown, veneer, onlay, inlay, denture or other restoration in just one visit to our practice.

These restorations are typically used to repair damage to a tooth or teeth caused by injury or decay. If you need a speedy dental fix, then CEREC could be the best solution for you. It is a fully digital process, with 3D images ensuring your restoration is accurately milled on-site. There are no unpleasant impressions and no bothersome temporary solutions needed.

How does CEREC work?

  • We prepare the tooth in question just as we would for a normal crown or veneer, but instead of using traditional methods and taking an impression of the tooth, we take a 3D picture using a special camera.
  • The CEREC software is used to make a highly accurate 3D model of your tooth from which we will design your smart new restoration.
  • The design is refined by your dentist using the CAD software.
  • When we are totally happy with this design, we send the data to an onsite milling machine.
  • The machine cleverly creates the new tooth fitting from a colour-matched ceramic block.
  • Once the restoration is perfect and blends in with your other teeth, we’ll fix it permanently to your prepared tooth and you will be ready to show off your new smile!

What are the benefits of CEREC?

  • A damaged tooth can be given a new lease with tooth matching ceramics.
  • It’s fast, everything is neatly sorted in a single appointment. A lab-produced crown normally requires two or three visits, so CEREC saves you precious time.
  • Only one anaesthetic is needed because it’s a one-visit procedure.
  • We can keep an eye on the whole process because the restoration is being made in-house
  • With no waiting between appointments, there’s no need for a temporary restoration to keep your tooth safe.
  • It’s more economical as you will need fewer appointments and there are no external lab costs.
  • Great for nervous patients as the process is comfortably quick.
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Frequently asked questions

  • The word “CEREC” stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic. Put simply, it’s a dental system that uses computers to help design and create customised dental restorations in a short time, usually just a single visit.

  • CEREC crowns can last between 10 to 15 years. It’s vital for patients with CEREC crowns to avoid biting down or grinding their teeth to help prolong the life of the crown. CEREC crowns look natural and can provide patients with the smile they’ve always wanted.

  • CEREC restorations are as safe as traditional ones. The ceramic is biocompatible.

  • A CEREC crown usually costs from around £500.

  • Unlike conventional restorations, which may take a few weeks to produce, the CEREC ones can be created and fitted in just one visit. It depends on the case in hand but sometimes CEREC can be completed within just one hour.

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