Airflow polishing

A simple way to brighter and healthier looking teeth

Airflow polishing treatment gives a deep, powerful clean beyond which can be achieved with a standard scale and polish at your regular hygiene appointment. It is designed to effectively remove tartar build up and stains from teeth to create a polished smile. In some cases, it can be used in place of whitening treatment to brighten heavily stained teeth.
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How does airflow polishing work?

Airflow treatment uses a high powered spray to project water, bicarbonate and compressed air onto the teeth and clean away areas of plaque and gently remove yellow, brown or grey stains. The spray technology ensures hard to reach areas can be accessed and treated effectively in a fast and non-invasive way.

The procedure is completely pain-free and much gentler than a traditional scale and polish treatment, which can cause sensitivity in some patients. It is quick and straightforward and leaves you with brilliantly brighter and healthy looking teeth in just one visit to the practice.

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What are the benefits of airflow polishing?

  • Gentle yet very effective treatment for deep stains
  • Pain-free and suitable for patients with sensitive teeth
  • Minimally invasive
  • Easier and more comfortable than a scale and polish treatment
  • Removes plaque build up to help prevent gum disease
  • Leaves you with a brighter and healthier smile
  • Can be used as a quick solution for special occasions such as weddings
  • Suitable for most patients
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